The positive atmosphere in your home is the cornerstone of ongoing well-being and contentment. Beyond investments in decor, technology, or wall paints, the significance of radiating the right energy must be balanced. 

The kitchen, considered the heart of family activities, is a space for harnessing energy through cooking and socialising. Therefore, infusing positivity into this area is very essential. 

In this blog, we will provide six essential kitchen Vastu tips that will transform into a positive haven for cooking.

6 Essential Vastu Tips For Kitchen

Vastu for the Kitchen, as shared by a Vastu expert and holistic life coach, holds the key to better health and enhanced motivation. The following Vastu tips for your kitchens not only nurture the body but also uplift your spirit.  

#1. Location


Choosing the right location for your kitchen is crucial for positive energy flow. Ideally, the kitchen direction as per Vastu should be South-East. This orientation balances all Earth elements, and it’s considered auspicious because Lord Agni, associated with fire, resides here. 

If South-East is not feasible, North-West is the next best choice. Avoid North, North-East, and South-West for optimal kitchen Vastu direction. Having a kitchen in these directions ruins relationships between family members. 

#2. Entrance Direction

Entrance Direction

When deciding on your kitchen’s entrance, avoid placing it in a corner. As per Vastu’s tips for the kitchen, optimal directions for the entrance are East, North, and West. Ensure to place the door at the centre as it will enhance your kitchen’s positive energy and provide more wall space for efficient storage. 

#3. Colours


When considering colours for kitchens in Jaipur, aligning with Vastu principles is essential. According to Vastu Shastra, white symbolises purity, making it ideal, but avoiding overdoing it. Steer clear of excessive red and dark colours to prevent unstable energy and depression. Opt for nourishing colours like green, lemon yellow, and orange. 

East, west, north or south-facing kitchens have specific colour recommendations to enhance positive energy.

1. For an east-facing kitchen, Vastu recommends orange, green, and beige while discouraging silver, yellow, gold, white, and grey. 

2. In the west-facing kitchens, colours like gold, grey silver, and white are considered the best choice. However, avoid colours like green, orange, and red. 

north-facing kitchen

3. For a north-facing kitchen, grey, green, and blue is the best choice over red, yellow, and orange. 

4. In the south-facing kitchen, Vastu recommends red, green, orange, beige, yellow, and silver. However, avoid blue, black, and grey colours.

south-facing kitchen,

#4. Matka Provision

One of the most effective Vastu tips is placing an earthen pot (Matka) filled with water in your home to attract prosperity and abundance. According to Vastu Shastra, this practice minimises the chances of financial shortages and ensures a continuous flow of money into your house. If an earthen pot is unavailable a small pot of soil filled with water works too. Remember to position it in the North direction as it is associated with the God of water. 

#5. Lighting


For positive energy and good health, your kitchen should bathed with ample natural light. You can complement this with well-placed artificial lighting in the South-East or South direction. Choose bright, cheerful lights with a balance of warm and cool colours for a harmonious kitchen ambience. 

#6. Kitchen Appliances and Equipment

Kitchen Appliances and Equipment

You can harmonise your kitchen’s energy by placing fire-related objects like gas stoves, cylinders, and appliances in the South-East direction. Face East while cooking to ensure a positive experience. 

According to Kitchen Vastu, separate wash basins and cooking ranges to prevent clashes between couples and family members. Place water-related elements like wash basins in the North or Northeast for balance. Optimise your kitchen layout for wealth, health, and prosperity by keeping the refrigerator and grains storage in the Southwest direction. 


Remember that considering Vastu for the kitchen is your personal journey. Before incorporating Vastu rules, assess your kitchen’s unique space, layout, and requirements. Personalise the Vastu tips to cater to your kitchen’s specific needs. This way, you will be able to create a harmonious and positive kitchen environment.